5 Reasons To Use WordPress for your Website

What is Wordpress? Wordpress is the most popular website platform on the planet. Everyone from first-time bloggers to big business use Wordpress and its popularity continues to grow each year.  Unless you’re a corporation with a large budget for a custom content management system (“CMS”), this is the perfect website option for your business. 5

Stunning Hotel Web Designs To Inspire You

Hotel Web Design Inspiration Be inspired by the latest website designs from properties across the world.  What’s Trending? One consistent trend in all of these examples is great photography. Images that capture the essence of the property. You can’t stand out from the crowd without stunning photos. Know Your Audience Each website is perfect fits

Web Design Trends – Large Format Photography

The web has changed in many ways over the past several decades, but one trend is starting to take over: large-format photography. Big, bold backgrounds are catching reader attention and here’s a look at why it works, why it’s becoming popular, and how to use it on your site. Why it Works Over the past

Hotel and accommodation web design inspiration 2014

We’ve put together a range of noteworthy accommodation website from around the world. Although the home page slider still dominates web design, it’s slowly losing steam.  Some of the latest design trends in hotel websites include stunning photography based sites, left hand navigation and a collage or grid layouts on the home page. Fogo Island

Art and Design Inspiration – Craig Hanna

Craig Hanna American Artist Craig Hanna features as today’s art and design inspiration. His powerful, evocative work is predominately figurative and  inspired by the great masters. Craig’s recent move into landscapes – exhibited -at Laurence Esnol Gallery – was breathtaking. If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in Paris, Craig Hanna’s art can be found

App Review – IFTTT

This is one of my favourite Apps.  It is pure genius and easy to use. IFTTT (stands for “If This Then That”) is a website and app that can automate many of the online tools and apps you use to run your life.  It even connects with physical products.  You can programme it to turn

What is flat design?

The launch of Apple’s iOS7 highlights an emerging digital design trend: flat design. Flat design is a minimal approach to website and app design with a focus on useability.  It strips back unnecessary design frills such as 3D elements (gradients, bevelled edges and shadows) to give a flat, 2 dimensional look and feel. Strong contrasting

Beginner’s Guide To Web Design

What To Expect from the Web Design Process Launching your first website can be daunting. We’ve compiled a step-by-step list to guide you through the design, build and launch process. Broadly, the web design process includes 3 main areas: RESEARCH DESIGN CONTENT GENERATION 1. Research Competitors By competitors we mean the top 10 search results