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Boost Your Brand

In today’s digital landscape, figuring out your marketing strategy can feel like a maze. But with Left Bank Design, it doesn’t have to be. Specialising in Digital Marketing Melbourne, we break down the complexities into straightforward, actionable steps. Whether you’re based in the heart of Melbourne or further afield in the Yarra Valley, we’re your go-to experts for localised digital marketing solutions. No jargon, no fuss—just customised plans to help you grow, while keeping an eye on your bottom line.

Unlocking Business Growth with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the key to unlocking new opportunities for your business in today’s fast-paced online landscape. By utilising a tailored mix of content marketing, social media management, SEO, email marketing, and more, we create a strategic approach that builds brand awareness and fosters lasting relationships with your target audience. Our goal is to drive quality traffic to your website, convert visitors into loyal customers, and ultimately, boost your bottom line. Experience the transformative power of digital marketing as we help your business navigate the complexities of the online world and achieve sustainable growth.

Services We Offer


Compelling content that attracts your target audience, educating your most valued customers while keeping them interested in your product offerings.


Compelling content that attracts your target audience, educating your most valued customers while keeping them interested in your product offerings.


Frequent and topical articles for your website that will demonstrate your expertise and attract customer attention at the same time.


Specify your ideal audience on Google and Facebook, create ads to entice interested consumers, and only pay when users click links to your website.


True two-way interaction with your customers helps you to provide excellent customer service while accomplishing your ultimate goal – turning followers into customers.


Use marketing automation software to save time and automate tedious, repetitive jobs such as emails, social media, and other website actions. We partner with one of the world’s leading marketing software providers, Hubspot.

Your Partner in Niche Marketing Excellence

At Left Bank Design, we specialise in crafting digital marketing solutions tailored for the tourism and lifestyle sectors. Our personalised approach allows seamless integration with your existing marketing department for small tasks or comprehensive campaigns. With in-depth industry knowledge, we anticipate trends and align your brand with the evolving expectations of your audience, offering a customised, targeted strategy for sustained growth. With us, you don’t get a one-size-fits-all plan; you get a bespoke blueprint designed to boost your bottom line.


What Industries Do You Specialise In?

While we have experience in various sectors, we specialise in Tourism and Lifestyle brands. However, we’re highly adaptable and can tailor our services to fit your industry needs.

How Do You Measure Marketing Success?

Success is quantified using a variety of metrics tailored to your goals, such as website traffic, lead generation, customer engagement, and overall ROI. We provide comprehensive reports to keep you updated on your campaign’s performance.

Can I Pick and Choose Which Services I Want?

Of course! We offer various digital marketing services, and you’re free to choose the ones that best suit your business needs. Our packages are fully customisable.

Do You Offer Marketing Automation?

Yes, we offer marketing automation services such as marketing software providers Hubspot, Mailchimp and Mailerlite.

What Is Your Approach to Content Marketing?

Our content marketing approach focuses on creating compelling, targeted content that educates and engages your most valued customers while also driving them toward conversion.

Are Your Practices Google-Friendly?

Absolutely. We adhere to Google’s best practices, utilising white-hat SEO techniques to ensure that your website ranks well and stays penalty-free.

How Can I Get Started?

It’s simple. Contact us for a quote, and we’ll set up an initial consultation to understand your goals, evaluate your needs, and recommend the best strategy to move forward.