How To Be More Productive At Work

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Productivity Tips That Will Transform Your Work Day

Mornings are the best time to boost your productivity. Here are our 3 essential productivity tips guaranteed to add a little calm to your day and improve your efficiency at work.

1. Make a list or Use a Time Blocking Technique

Lists are a simple and effective way to keep organised and a process that works for most people.  Time blocking takes the to-do list to another level. It’s a method that works for some people but is less practical for others.

Create a list

Whether handwritten or digital, jot down an extensive to-do list. A list will free your mind and prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks.  Oh, and crossing tasks off the list is hugely satisfying.

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Time Blocking

Schedule time in your calendar to complete the tasks on your to-do list. You may like to try the Pomodoro Technique, where tasks are completed in 25-minute time slots, then you stop for a short break and repeat.  Personally, I find this method interrupts my workflow however, there are numerous apps and websites that swear by it. Try the  Focuslist App (available for iOS and Android).

2. Empty the Too Hard Basket First

Place the hardest tasks at the top of the list. If you complete the tough stuff in the morning, the creativity will flow for the rest of the day.

3. Turn off all distractions

Let people wait. We’re all guilty of obsessively checking emails, social media and WhatsApp however, rarely do these messages warrant immediate attention. Allow yourself 3 hours of calm to really concentrate on the essential tasks. Turn off all your devices. This will keep you truly focused

Put this into practice each morning and you’ll soon feel less overwhelmed.

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