Stunning Hotel Web Designs To Inspire You

Hotel Web Design Inspiration Be inspired by the latest website designs from properties across the world.  What’s Trending? One consistent trend in all of these examples is great photography. Images that capture the essence of the property. You can’t stand out from the crowd without stunning photos. Know Your Audience Each website is perfect fits

Keyword Research Tips

4 Essential Tips for Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential aspect of otpimising your website for search. As Google’s algorithm evolves so should your keyword strategy.   How do you do keyword research in 2023? The old-school best practice was to optimise a page for a single keyword phrase. For example, our website sells men’s designer wallets. In the past,

4 Local SEO Mistakes You Might Be Making Now

Small business SEO is often about marketing your company locally. Here are 4 common local SEO mistakes and how to fix them.   Poor Quality Website Do-It-Yourself Websites The technology you use and the quality of the design impact on your search results. If you’re a small business with a limited budget you might try

5 Steps To Improve Your Local SEO

What is local SEO and why do I need it?  If you have a local business, it’s important your business appears in the “local pack” on the front page of google  when searchers are looking for your brand name or search terms  relating to your business (see example below).   Here are 5 tips to

The Latest Google Keyword Ranking Strategies

Keyword Optimization in the Modern Era Although digital marketing has evolved considerably over the years, search engine marketing is still one of the most important forms of digital marketing available. In fact, due to the rise of mobile phones and an immediate need for information, the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) may be at

The Essential SEO Checklist

The every-changing nature of Search Engine Optimisation (“SEO”) can make the task of optimising your website slightly daunting.  Follow the best practices set out below and you’ll be swiftly on your way to a well optimised site.  We’ve provided some useful templates to track your activities and keep you organised (sroll to the bottom of

Local SEO Tips for 2017

Local SEO Tips for 2017 Keywords: You’ve spent a lot of time and money launching your website only to find enquires are not rolling in. Does this sound familiar?  Although efforts to appear in search should be part of your ongoing marketing strategy, there are some basic steps you can use to kick-start the process.

The Social Networking – Listening Tool

The nature of social networking among today’s consumers is such that opinions, reviews, criticisms and recommendations are constantly swirling through cyber space, unsolicited and often unchecked.   Do you know what consumers, influencers and competitors are saying about your brand? With the irreversible shift in marketing methods from traditional to real time, companies need to

Web Design Trends – Large Format Photography

The web has changed in many ways over the past several decades, but one trend is starting to take over: large-format photography. Big, bold backgrounds are catching reader attention and here’s a look at why it works, why it’s becoming popular, and how to use it on your site. Why it Works Over the past

Hotel and accommodation web design inspiration 2014

We’ve put together a range of noteworthy accommodation website from around the world. Although the home page slider still dominates web design, it’s slowly losing steam.  Some of the latest design trends in hotel websites include stunning photography based sites, left hand navigation and a collage or grid layouts on the home page. Fogo Island