Why is SEO important for your online success?

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SEO for Business Success

Search Engine Optimisation or “SEO” is the process of driving visitors to your website via search without paying for advertising.

Without SEO, potential customers will not find your business on Google or Bing (unless you advertise).

Benefits of Search engine optimisation

Targeted website traffic

Extensive keyword research highlights which keywords relating to your business drive searchers to your website. Once you clearly understand these keywords and use them in your ongoing SEO activities, the visitors you attract to your website will be a lot more targeted.

For example, you own a DJ agency with plenty of DJs but not enough customers. To generate more targeted traffic, you would optimise a page in your website for the term “DJ Hire” rather than “DJ Agency”.  Through research and experience, you discover that potential customers are searching for the term “DJ Hire”, and out-of-work DJs are searching for the term “DJ agency”.    

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Increased lead generation

Increasing lead generation is the top priority of most marketers for 2017 and SEO is the key digital marketing strategy to achieve this according to a global report by Hubspot on the State of Inbound 2017.

Once you’ve increased your website traffic, you then work on increasing your leads by ensuring your landing pages have compelling offers and clear call to actions.

SEO efforts can be used for other digital marketing channels

Your keyword research is also essential to supporting other areas of digital marketing such as online advertising. The research you conduct with SEO can be used in Google Adwords to created really targeted campaigns.

Small business to large ones benefit from a solid SEO strategy. You may have the most spectacular looking website but if you don’t have a digital marketing strategy in place, your success will be limited.

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