The Brief

Client: Polperro Dolphin Swims
An award-winning, family-owned and operated authentic ecotourism venture.

Challenge: The existing website did not reflect the vitality and personality intrinsic to the Polperro brand, resulting in an underwhelming online presence.

Objective: Our goal was to breathe new life into the Polperro brand through a comprehensive rebranding and redesign of the website. We aimed to improve the user interface and experience, with the ultimate goal of driving increased customer engagement and sales.

Our Approach

Research: At Left Bank Design, we thoroughly examined industry trends and user behaviours. This deep dive enabled us to craft a design that responded to Polperro’s user needs and preferences. Our commitment to understanding the customer led us to compile comprehensive user personas and journey maps that were the foundation for our design decisions.

Collaboration: We believe that the most effective designs emerge from thoroughly understanding the client’s vision. Our strategy started with active listening. We immersed ourselves in Polperro’s brand and held open, in-depth conversations to understand their goals and unique selling points.

Strategy & Execution: With our research, collaboration, and customer profiles in place, we developed a design system that would resonate with Polperro’s ideal audiences. Our user-centred design approach ensured we provided a solution tailored to their business needs.