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Exceptional Experience in Nature

The Brief

Client: Polpero Dolphin Swims

As a family-owned eco-tourism venture in Sorrento, Victoria, Polpero Dolphin Swims offers unique wildlife experiences that focus on dolphin swims and wildlife cruises.


While their services were top-notch, their website no longer reflected their brand values. It needed to be updated and did not do justice to the exciting and educational experiences they offer.


Our goal was to breathe new life into Polpero’s online presence. We aimed to create a user-friendly, modern website that would resonate with eco-tourists and adventure seekers. We also focused on retaining the existing SEO performance while injecting fresh, strategic SEO initiatives.

polperro dolphin swims web design

Our Approach


We started by diving into eco-tourism trends and studying customer behaviours, especially those looking for immersive wildlife experiences. Our research informed us about what such customers seek online, allowing us to design a website that directly spoke to Polpero’s target audience.


Polpero Dolphin Swims is a family business, and we regularly collaborated with the family throughout the project. Their input was crucial to align our designs with their brand vision, which demanded a balance between professionalism and playfulness.

Customer Profiling:

Building upon our research and collaboration, we crafted customer profiles that embodied the types of tourists and adventurers Polpero wants to attract. These profiles informed our design and the SEO strategy that would bring the right eyes to the new site.

Strategy & Execution:

Armed with customer profiles and a deep understanding of the Polpero brand, we embarked on a complete website overhaul. This included modern web design, strategic copywriting, and a focused SEO campaign. Through our user-centric design approach, we successfully delivered a digital platform that resonates with Polpero’s audience and enhances their brand value.

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