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The Brief

Client: Gracehill Accommodation As a luxurious destination in the Dandenong Ranges, Gracehill Accommodation offers guests a tranquil retreat.

Challenge: Despite recent elegant renovations on-site, their decade-old website was beginning to show its age, and it no longer aligned with the refreshed aesthetic of their establishment.

Objective: We aimed to infuse modernity and elegance into Gracehill’s online presence with a comprehensive brand refresh and website redesign. We sought to create a digital experience that matched the sophistication of the accommodations and, in doing so, drive increased guest bookings and engagement.

Our Approach

Research: At Left Bank Design, our first step was to dive deep into industry trends, and the specific behaviours of luxury accommodation seekers. This research allowed us to craft a design that catered to Gracehill’s ideal guests, offering a digital experience as tranquil and inviting as the accommodations themselves.

Collaboration: We recognise that a client’s vision is the backbone of any successful design. We immersed ourselves in Gracehill’s brand and held open, in-depth conversations to understand their design preferences and dislikes. This allowed us to create a design that truly reflected the elegance of Gracehill Accommodation.

Customer Profiling: Leveraging our research and understanding of Gracehill’s brand, we developed tailored profiles for their ideal guests. These profiles informed our design process, helping us create a user experience that resonated with their target audience and reflected the serenity and luxury of Gracehill Accommodation.

Strategy & Execution: With our deep understanding of their ideal guests and brand, we undertook a comprehensive brand refresh, including copywriting, web design, and SEO. Our user-centred design approach ensured we delivered a digital experience that matched and elevated Gracehill’s renewed aesthetic, ultimately increasing guest engagement and bookings.

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