What is content Marketing

To say that marketing isn’t what it used to be would be a severe understatement. Times have changed. Technology has changed. And most importantly, marketers have finally decided to pay attention to something that’s highly important – what people actually want from their advertising.

App Review – IFTTT

This is one of my favourite Apps.  It is pure genius and easy to use. IFTTT (stands for “If This Then That”) is a website and app that can automate many of the online tools and apps you use to run your life.  It even connects with physical products.  You can programme it to turn

How to rescue your keyword data from Google Analytics

Keywords not provided in Google Analytics? Really? For years website owners have been monitoring their keywords using data provided by Google Analytics. Understanding the keywords that drive traffic to your website is the foundation for a successful online business. In the last 12 months, Google has slowly hidden this information from Analytics users.  If you